Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Relationship With My Parents

Day 3 - Describe You Relationship With Your Parents

When I was a toddler I feel as though I didn't have a good relationship with my parents, as I was always throwing tantrums and being mad at them. I am definitely glad I grew out of that! Even though I was quite an angry, tantrum throwing kid I spent most of my time with my dad. I was always wearing hats like him and 'helping' him work. As time passed and my mom was away from home keeping my sister company in the hospital I feel as though I grew much more attached to my mom, since she was gone a lot when I was young. With my anxiety and depression I feel as though my mother understands why I can't function properly, where as my dad, just doesn't quite seem to grasp it. I know my mom will always be there for me when I need her. I also know that she continues to seek a therapist for me that will help me learn skills to cope with my anxiety and depression. Even though I feel closer to my mom I still think I have a fairly good relationship with my dad (most of the time). I still occasionally help him work and enjoy spending time with him doing things that my mom doesn't. Dad isn't much of an open book with his emotions, but I understand. I think I inherited that from him. All in all though, I have a fairly good relationship with my parents. We have our rough spots, but all parents and their children do!

Love you mom and dad! <3

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