Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 Fears

Describe 3 fears and explain how they became fears

This is an exceptionally hard blog post for me. I am scared of just about everything, so picking only 3 things is going to be challenging.

  1.  Snakes! I hate snakes! The way they move gives me the creeps! My mom also hates snakes and I think her hatred of them rubbed off on me. Or maybe it was because I kept stepping on them. I'm completely fine with snakes as long as they are in a cage or if I'm just looking at pictures of them. They are gorgeous animals, but I would never have one as a pet.
  2. I get really afraid of not being able to find a way to get past my anxiety and depression. If I can't get over them I will never make something of my life and growing up I always had big plans. This fear started when I had to drop out of high school because I couldn't keep up with my school work because I just didn't care whether I passed or not. It soon became clear to me that not any time soon would I be able to return to school.
  3. Since I have agoraphobia, I am TERRIFIED of leaving my house and being in public/open spaces. As stated in day one, there was a time when I hadn't left my house for three months. Often times I have terrible panic attacks when I go out. I have to take Xanax and sometimes that doesn't even calm me down enough. In school I had a rough time with classmates. I never really fit in. A lot of days I would fake being sick so I wouldn't have to go and face the other kids. One day I faked being sick and stayed home. I also did it the next day, and after that it escalated into me refusing to go at all. After dropping out of public school and starting online schooling, I never really had to leave my house, which I can only guess allowed my phobia to worsen. 

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