Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Some Things..

Most of the time I only want to be awake for about 3 hours a week, and I never want to eat again.
Then sometimes I get real excited about things and I wonder how I ever slept days away and I still do not want to eat that much.
Sometimes I feel nothing is worth it. That this will be forgotten soon enough, and everyone is shitty anyways.
Sometimes I could stay up all night telling you my thoughts on this or that, or planning moments and our lives together for the future.
Sometimes I never want to write or talk ever again. It's all the same cry for attention. I'm the same as everyone I can't stand, pathetic.
Sometimes I just want to get really fucked up and write until it is raw and beautiful and ugly. Makes perfect sense and no sense at all.
Sometimes I spend the entire day thinking about the things I should do while managing to do none of them.
Sometimes all I want is to fall in love for a few days and then fall asleep and never wake up again.
Sometimes I can't think of anything I want in the entire world.
Sometimes I want it all, and then some.
Sometimes I am sweet.
Sometimes I am starving with desire.

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