Friday, January 27, 2012

What to do..

Yesterday a little puppy showed up on our doorstep. Being the people we are Nikki and I took her in for the night. We found her a new home. (her previous owners neglected her. She's REALLY skinny.) When I woke up and went upstairs I was pretty grumpy, but seeing this puppy running around and being all happy completely turned my mood around. It got me thinking and I realized that I miss fostering dogs for the Northwest Kansas Humane Society. There's several problems that I think would prevent this from happening. The first being that I couldn't actually go to the shelter to get the dogs or bring them back. I don't think my mom would wanna do that for me. Second of all we have 5 dogs in our house! (7 at the moment because of the puppy and my grandma's dog.) I'm starting to get bored with my everyday routine again and I'd just like something to fill it up. Something that doesn't require me to leave my house. I'm not quite sure what else I could do that wouldn't involve leaving my house, but at the same time helping someone out. I guess, depending on what mood my mom is in tonight when she gets home, I'll ask about it (again).

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