Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5- Pets

Herbie is, what I consider, my first dog. 9ish years ago we went to the humane society in Goodland, Kansas to see him and another dog. None of us could really decide which dog to pick so I finally said, "I kind of like Herbie." Needless to say we took him home. He's got a pretty funny personality. One thing he does that I always laugh at is after he eats dinner he rubs his face on the couch. It's adorable. A few 
years ago I started to teach him tricks. It amazed me how fast he learned it all.

My second dog was Sasha. After tons of begging my parents finally gave in so we went again to the Humane society in Goodland, Kansas to look at another dog. The dog we went to see already has someone interested and so the shelter owner showed us Sasha. Nikki and I went into her cage and she pretty much had nothing to do with me. All her attention was on Nikki. Again we didn't know what dog to choose so this time my mom picked Sasha. The car ride home we came up with the name Sasha for her and she still was Nikki's buddy. When we got home for some reason she latched onto me! Now she doesn't have anything to do with anyone else but me. She follows me everywhere! I don't know what I'd do without her now. Something I love about her is that she jumps a lot! She has some pretty muscular hind legs. 

Sam was third. My mom, Nikki, and I went to McCook, Nebraska to shop and since that town has a humane society obviously I had to go. We had gone through the kennels and I was drawn to the one Sam was in. I love larger dogs, but there was something about him. Naturally my parents said no, but thanks to my expert begging skills they finally gave in. My dad and I went to go get him and during the ride home he wouldn't stay in the back he had to sit on me. He's such a pain in the butt, but I would never give him up. Every summer we go to the lake and he "swims." Technically he doesn't quite swim right and he tries to drown me, but it's still loads of fun. I always end up with long red marks all over me though. 

Shayla came from us fostering dogs. She had hip surgery so we took care of her while she healed. She had such a unique personality that my parents fell in love with her. It still blows my mind that adopted Shayla had nothing to do with me, it was all my parents. When we went to get her from the Northwest Kansas Humane Society, we found she had eaten her leash! She's something else! Over the year that we've had her, she's turned into a real fatty. Something she does is smiles at you when you come up to her. She looks vicous almost but honestly she's just really happy to see you.

Two pets I didn't mention I have are my bunny named Bunny, and my gerbil name Gerbal. There isn't much to tell about them haha.
Other pets I no longer have that I didn't mention include a dog named Payton, who we gave away. Two dogs named Chelsea and Marbles who died when I was little. Two frogs that died about half a year ago. Two cats named Silky and Stripes who have also passed away. A bunny named Jasper who sadly got killed by my sisters cat Silky. A ferret named Slinki who we gave away. 


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